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Yaskawa VFDs: Variable Frequency Drives

The E7 drive is an application-specific, variable torque, ac drive designed to meet the needs of the Building Automation System (BAS) marketplace. This drive continues the trend to reduce size and cost while increasing performance and quality. The right solution for centrifugal loads on applications such as: VAV air handler supply and return air fans, outdoor air injection fans, exhaust fans, cooling tower fans, chilled and hot water distribution pumps, constant air volume fan conversions, DX condenser fans, clean room circulating fans, condenser water pumps, variable primary pumps, boiler combustion fans, ventilation fans, smoke control fans, fume hood fans, filtration control fans or pumps and centrifugal compressors. The E7 design specification, default parameters and option choices are based on our industry and application knowledge as the largest global drives manufacturer with over 30 years of BAS and HVAC experience.

E7 Drive and E7 Bypass Packages for HVAC Fan and Pump Applications
Significant Cost Savings HVAC Drives for Buildings
E7 Drive User Manual
E7 Drive Programming Manual
E7 Cheat Sheet
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YASKAWA DRIVE, 208V, 5HP ICD-Cincinnati, OH 11
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YASKAWA DRIVE, 208V, 20HP ICD-Cincinnati, OH 11
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YASKAWA DRIVE, 208V, 25HP ICD-Cincinnati, OH 11
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YASKAWA DRIVE, 208V, 10HP ICD-Cincinnati, OH 11