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Honeywell Gas Detection

Why Infrared?
  • Failsafe operation
  • Fast speed of response
  • Reduced routine maintenance
  • Immune to catalytic poisons
  • Long operating life
  • Works in inert atmospheres

Why Searchpoint Optima?
  • Can detect a wide range of hydrocarbon gases including solvents

  • Increased reliability with no moving parts

  • Increased stability from self compensating optics

  • Immune to long term component drift

  • Remote functional gas test facility

  • Certified for North American and European Hazardous areas

Why Searchpoint Optima Plus?
  • Increased false alarm rejection with 42 SOFTWARE

  • Increased uptime with contaminated optics warning

  • Dynamic Heating Control ensures condensation free optics

  • No undetected failures

  • Improved diagnostics

  • Integral event logging

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Certified to many hazardous area classification schemes including:

  • European (ATEX), UL, CSA and more
Sensepoint XCD
  • Flammable, Toxic, and Oxygen Verisons Available
  • New and Retrofit applications
  • Long Life Reliable Sensor
  • Global Approvals
  • Easy to use with tri-color backlit displays
  • East to Install
3000 XPIS Series
  • Provides Comprehensive monitoring of toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Sensors can be "hot swapped" without having to remove power
  • Reliable Detection
  • Reduced installation, maintenance, and commissioning costs
  • Regulatory Compliance, Range of Accesories
XNX Universal Transmitter
  • supports widest range of sensors
  • High Performance
  • Flexible operation, Easy to Use and Install
  • Cost Effective
    One-Man Operation
    Minimal Training Required

Honeywell XCD Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen Gas Detector
Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Advanced Infrared Point Gas Detector
Industrial Gas Applications
Honeywell 3000 XPIS 2-Wire Loop Powered Toxic and Oxygen Gas Detector
Honeywell XNX for Toxic, Oxygen and Combustible Gas Detection
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